The second part in out little competition and I faced off against the man to beat at the moment Chris. Although we did find out after that John and Chris had not entered a code for their game last week as they had a rather blank look on their faces when the subject came up, which was weird as we had talked about right before the game. As in right before deployment of the game.


Again I wont go into details but the list revolved around Tomcats to spring onto the objective zones and a Vertigo to clear of enemy troops.

Game on

The mission: Transmission Matrix. This turned into another drubbing as a turn one rambo left me more than a few orders down and in LoL. I’ll be the first to admit I am a glass half empty kind of guy and I thought about calling it there as it looked pretty hopeless. Chris sat on 3 score zones to my two. But I considered the difference between a good player and a great one can be how they get themselves out of hole. So while Chris was gracious enough to give me some space and go to the bar, clearly he could see the dark clouds above me, I set about formulating a plan. The plan however did not pan out as a spate of crits, just what you need when you’re down, put paid to any hope I had. A popped a Spektr to hack the Daofei who got crit Brainblasted after I rolled higher than his target value along with a Flashpulse crit to an Intruder who was attempting to clear off objectives. This is where I called it as now I had no way to claim anything and Chris still sat on 3 zones on top of his two Classifieds he achieved in turn 2.


Deployment again. I thought my Lt deployment was ok as he was covered by a Tyskalon and in a building guarded by a Morlock. But I hadn’t expected such a hard rambo rush as I rarely see that tactic used. But after the game it was apparent is was a tactic in the list Chris had built. More of a problem was getting my head around the mission where all the objectives were friendly repeaters to both sides, which got my Hacker in trouble and also differentiating the score zone and the repeater radius, which I didn’t do all game. This had meant the Daofei that caused me so much grief would have sustained multiple Hack AROs before being able to do the significant portion of his damage. This leads me to demand a rematch. Which unfortunately wont have any ITS points attached. Or will it?