I’ve been a bit light on the hobby front after selling my house and having to move in with my parents. As such space and time are at a premium unfortunately. But I bit the bullet recently and got a bit of hobby time in.

I used the time to build Saito Togan as I had been looking into JSA lists and he is one of the few, or maybe only, units to keep an Explosive CCW and with MA4 and smoke grenades I waned to try him out as I have been having lots of fun if only marginal success with Ninjas and especially and Oniwaban.

I also managed to start building the Spartan Scenic doors that were purchased from the proceeds of first Infinity tournament I ran. Shamefully that was a full six months ago and they really should be completed before the next TCO. I had lined them up to build before the first TCO but our house completed just before which meant that was not the only tournament prep that fell by the wayside.