Something New
I bought into Conquest recently. I said that two systems (in my case Infinity and X-Wing) were enough but I think after coming to terms with the loss of 40K I was left with a hole I needed to fill and upon checking out Conquest decided to make it my next project and introduce it to the local community.

After buying in a looking for games I quickly found Octgn which is where my games so far have taken place and initial games were hard going. The online aspect invites more noob stomping as you are not face to face with your opponent and I found Conquest to have a steep learning curve taking some time to win my first game. To be fair the guys I have played have been good with helping out with rules and my only real quarry is with a tournament I entered but that is another story.

Traxis Sector
As for the game itself I really quite like it. Obviously it has the 40K connection which is good but the mechanics support themselves as well. The only modern card game I have experience with is a bit of MTG and that really didn’t float my boat, more due to the fact it felt very pay to win rather than the mechanics but hey ho. Conquest I found very different as it has an added phase in the Command Struggle and the extra management of resources. I guess the resource is not an extra element as opposed to a different way to manage the cost of units and abilities. Something that becomes quickly apparent as although you may not be able to win a game in the Command Phase you can sure lose it.

Speaking of winning Conquest also has multiple win conditions in the fact you can win by both claiming planets with the same icon or killing the opposing Warlord. This again is something I really like as it gives an added layer to the game with you have to be aware of. Even in the Planet win condition there are multiple strategies that can bring you victory. All in all I find Conquest very complex for a card game, at least what I expect from a card game. it certainly had more than the usual attack mechanic which of course is still present and another aspect to master.

My Kingdom for a Game
So even though I have only won one game so far I am really looking forward to convincing some locals to try it out and hopefully getting to some tournaments later in the year.