The Scene

The other weekend I got out to another local club to do some Infinity demos. I had originally checked out the club, Mid Sussex Wargamers, because I was moving to the area. Unfortunately the house fell through but as there was interest in Infinity I thought I’d head over and run a demo anyway.

The day

There was unconfirmed numbers arranging on facebook but it’s not a big club with huge numbers so I wasn’t expecting many. In the end two guys turned up which was fine as I played them against each other running through the rules. One of the guys had some experience of N2 but was very green. He had some models but not a good selection so was using some TO troops, something I highly recommend not doing in learning games. But he wanted to use his stuff so I let it go.
I got them playing a Deathmatch with the basics and a few of the more funky bits and just let them go at each other. They seemed to enjoy the game and one of them was quite interested in the Escalation League that I’m setting up at my club. So who knows, we may have another convert. Either way I can see myself popping back every now and again as it is not far away and growing another scene is never a bad thing.

Never Ending

Always on the look out for place to spread the word, even if it is only to a few at a time. I’ve run a fair number of demos now and most seemed to enjoy it. Although its not the sort of thing you slate at the time is it? But growing the Infinity community is always fun.