I let the blog slip around the TCO so I’m going to do a rather short blog post regarding it. I was hoping to do a decent post as my first game was a challenge against fellow blogger 2screens, I recommend checking it out for a proper report of our game as in a schoolboy error I forgot my notebook. As such it will be brief on all accounts today.

The Lists

I took JSA. Mainly influenced by Biotechvore and the two approaches I had in mind which involved either running high BTS heavy units or many orders and link teams. Obviously with JSA it was the second option. Keeping it brief I wont go into the lists in detail but they both revolved around a defensive Keisotsu link with one list utilizing Aragoto and REMs for speed and the other camo Infiltrators.

The Games

Game 1 was against the aforementioned 2screens and Highly Classified and was very difficult as with good placement of his HVT and some bad dice taking out my long ranged fire power the options were not favourable. This ended 2-10 as I managed to achieve some objectives but with my unit decimated the way was clear for Lee to return the favour in the last turn.

Game 2 was Supremacy and against ISS again my long range going down in the first orders to sky’d rolls. This time I had my Infiltrators to get my back in the fight and a close mid game slog ended 10-0 as I had a lot of specialists to contest the consoles.

Last game and the dreaded Biotechvore and some PanO HI gave me some real problems and more dice conspired against me as even though I flanked them some bossed ARM rolls meant at the end of the game he still had some hefty points on the table ending a 5-5 draw.


The results gave me a mid table finish which I am pretty happy with as I’m not the force I once was. All the games were good even though I had some horrible dice on the day. Talking to the guys after I think I’m going to switch factions again as while I really like the Aragoto models and Ninja troops it just doesn’t seem to fit my playstyle, so something different is on the cards for the Expo.