As with most Infinity players I have been amassing terrain as I go on. I find terrain is almost as fluid as the armies in Infinity as each time I play I think of some way to change the table. I think a lot of this comes from the fact that terrain can have such a big impact of the game itself.

This is the current ideal set up I am working towards and while I have plenty enough to mix things up this is my theme. Based around the train cutting the table with freight on one side and admin offices on the other. My technical idea is using the asymmetrical set up but extending it into two ‘L’ shapes going up each side of the table. This bends a bit in the face of aesthetics to make the table look good but I really like how its coming together.


The offices side give some good fire points as and making sure there are ladders and such should not be such a trap for any troopers taking advantage. The fire lanes are restricted by high stacked crates and signage so as not to be board dominating.

I’m waiting for some more terrain to arrive in the form of CNC Workshop buildings to give some elevated areas that are easily accessible and bring the table to life giving it a nice feel with industrial vehicles and buggies.