The Event
I’m off to the Games Expo for the second year running to take part in the Infinity tournament. It’s run by a different fella this year but I imagine it will be pretty similar to last year, apart from N3 of course. It’s a standard affair with 3 rounds 300 points and the missions are Quad, Trans Mat and Antennae Field. The kast one was changed from Baconland which I think was after a few people roused concerns with that particular mission. I haven’t played it myself but it does look a more complicated one and is on the cards for SCTS the following week. I’ve played Trans Mat a couple of times and the other two are older missions so while not fresh in the mind they are well used so to speak.

List Building

After the TC2.0 and talking to the guys I think I’m going to go back to older faction style as while I like JSA I just don’t think it fits my play style. I’m in a good position as well as it looks like I will have played both lists before the event and more than once to boot. This will probably be the first time ever this has happened. Obviously I wont give the lists here but even though I’ve had mixed results so far I quite like how the lists play and may play them with nothing more than minor tweaks for the following two events.


With the mixed results and my back to basics mind set to gaming recently the main goals are going to be a positive win ratio and have some fun with lists using models I haven’t used in a long while.