I attended the UK Games Expo last weekend to play in the Infinity tournament. It was run By Phlyk for the first time but was pretty much as expected. The day did feel rather rushed but I’m not sure if that’s due to having time restrictions as I don’t think we had 2 hour rounds. But I didn’t check my watch to be certain. Again we were playing on tables covered in cloth and again I assume this was down to the facilities supplied by the Games Expo. The same thing happened at Dark Sphere and while I personally don’t like it as you are not playing on 4×4 (as I found out game 2) it doesn’t detract from the game only niggle my OCD. We ended up in the marquee which I had heard about through the X-Wing grapevine which while wasn’t the best, again didn’t dampen the day. Unlike the mornings rain!

The Lists

I went back to basics so to speak by using troops I had not turned to in a while in an effort to broaden my horizons. I always have a lot of ideas that look good on paper but reality can be quite different and after a discussion with fellow Totally Crit members I was thinking about play style and how playing to it can benefit. But as always I did manage to squeeze a few new troops into the lists.

Alpha Team
Yuan Huo Lt/HMC
Hac Tao XO/HMG
Tokusetsu Engineer
Tokusetsu Doctor
2x Yaozao
Celestial Hacker
Keisotsu FO
Tiger Spitfire
Guilang FO
Yaopu TR
Lu Duan

2x Monk

Bravo Team
Zuyong Lt/HMG
Pheasant CoC/BS
Zuyong FO
Karakuri Mk12
Tokusetsu Engineer
Zhanshi Doctor
2x Yaozao
Zhanshi Hacker
Tiger Spitfire

Tiger Paramedic


Game 1 Quad Control Sam MO 7-4
First game I lost the Initiative roll and got first turn and deployment. First turn was difficult as with a lot of tough targets I couldn’t push in to the far zones with enough weight to confidently control them after his turn. Which proved doubly true as the Yuan Huo on my left flank was taken out by a Panzerfaust thus leaving the door open to give away the first turn. Turn two and it was revealed as Joan being the Lt and therefore I invested a fair amount into killing her as that could really hamper his ability to redeploy the following turn. I also dropped the Tiger to take out a enemy in an elevated position and it transpired he took the far left quadrant to boot. With some damage done and Joan dead I took turn two. Turn three was a matter of shuffling and setting up suppression as he was short orders to dig me out and it ended up being too much of a stretch and I took turn 3 as well.

Game 2 Transmission Matrix Luke Merovingians 9-3
I won the Initiative roll and took deployment as there was one objective in the open and I wanted to use my HMC to good advantage. Luke chose first turn and as usual with this mission I had made a mistake and deployed my REMs in repeater range. My brain cannot seem to differentiate between control zones and repeater ZoC, needless to say they were both hack immobilised. The Tiger dropped in to take out his hacker and I took the first turn clearing him off is zones. He still had a strong link team on the centre zone though which remained and he fought back to draw the second turn but was taking heavy losses. Turn 3 there wasn’t much resistance left and I hammered home my advantage to take third turn.

Game 3 Antennae Field John Tohaa 7-3
I ended up going first again in this game using my second list. Unfortunately I could not do enough damage and while I ended up on two objective and covering the other three John used a TO Specialist to take his objective and a link to outflank my prone Hacker taking mine and kill her. This gave him first turn. He tried to roll round to my karakuri who was dug in on an objective on my left but only managed to kill it with his final orders. I had taken out the link on the objective to my right and again pressed home an advantage late game. My last turn was left to the Tiger paramedic to drop in flaming the TO on his objective and closing the range to his TR troop covering the middle ground with enough orders left to jump onto an objective. I had put John into retreat for his last turn so that was enough to take the turn.


It was a good day with a very respectable finish. I dropped points on both games where I went first as I could not do enough damage to hamper both opponents. In hindsight in Johns game I should have completely ignored the mission first turn and used to orders to attack instead. I’m starting to really like suppressive fire as several times throughout the day it gave my opponents great trouble. I also used supportware which came into its own in game two on a TR Pangguling. Overall happy with that and hopefully I can carry some momentum into the next event.