The Event

Another SCTS is coming up this weekend. I can’t get to all of them these days, although I believe I’ve only missed one so far, but they are always great events and well run. You know the drill by now!

List building

I’m going to take variations on the lists I took to the Expo. Which is why I haven’t posted an AAR for that event. Now normally I’m not too bothered if people might get some tips on my play style and such but as the events are so close together I’m going to hold off this time and publish both of them after this weekend. Both lists have had tweaks, one more than the other but they worked well for me at the Expo coming second.

Main Effort

Again the main effort has to be have some fun with the lists. I have to check my enthusiasm after such a good showing last time out as it may not be so good this time. I hope for a positive win record again and it would be good to carry some momentum into the event and get a decent placing. But who knows.