I’ve been a bit tardy with writing the AAR for the SCTS as at the minute I’m not really sure what I’m getting out of writing the blog so am unsure how much longer in will continue. But that is a matter for another post.

The event was yet another polished event from Simon and the guys at Lvlup gaming. We’ve come to know the drill and this did not disappoint. I have been getting a fair amount of Infinity in after my spell with X-Wing Store Champs and after a second place at the Expo was quietly confident. Both Chris and Robin were in attendance but I was shooting for a third with luck.

The Lists

Alpha Team

Yuan Huo Lt/HMC
Hac Tao XO/HMG
Tokusetsu Engineer
Tokusetsu Doctor
2x Yaozao
Celestial Hacker
Aragoto BS
Tiger Spitfire
Guilang FO
Yaopu TR
Lu Duan

Bravo Team

Zuyong Lt/HMG
Pheasant CoC/BS
Karakuri Mk12
Tokusetsu Engineer
Tokusetsu Doctor
2x Yaozao
Celestial Hacker
Tiger Paramedic
Tiger BS
Bao Sniper

Tiger Paramedic

Basically the plan was Bravo Team for Baconland and Alpha Team can handle everything else. Alpha was the same as the Expo with only minor tweaks but Bravo was enlisted purely for the task of Baconland.


Game 1 Baconland/ MO/ Adam/ Won Inititative took Deployment and Second 9-3(?)

The plan for this game was a double Tiger drop for the far score zones with more specialists, including a more resilient Karakuri, to move up and take the exclusion zone.and reconfigure beacons. I had the Tiger BS for a first turn rampage if I ended up with first turn. The plan worked well, almost too well as when on the back foot Adam decided to drop a beacon in his deployment zone denying me a lot of points if I could not do something about it. I still used the Tiger to rampage my first turn as it was a good way to damage the link team. The Tiger Paras worked a treat dropping beacons to claim the zones and even moving one to get more in the enemy DZ to score points. I survived a return surprise specialist troop myself with a close hit from the Karakuri Chain Rifle. Other notes were both the Zuyong and Karakuri surviving first turn multiple hack attempts through a REM forcing me to deal with it, and the Bao taking out a TR bot at range after the Monk failed to drop smoke cover. Things to take away from this game – with 9 points it’s pretty much as good as it’s going to get. Mission specific was dropping a beacon in his DZ really caused me problems to score big and that was something I hadn’t considered and something that happened in Chris’ first game. Also I still have problems with Impetuous as the Monk dies to TR fire whilst trying to lay smoke cover for the Bao. I had considered his deployment but as I had second turn I wanted him in a position to cover my flank from assault. In hindsight the fact they never receive cover bonus I possibly could have changed his position.

Game 2 Transmission Matrix/ Haqq/ Robin/ Lost Initiative took second 0-10

This game was a bit of a train wreck. Robin took deployment recognising one deployment zone was shocking. As the game progressed it became more and more apparent he was right. I wont say I lost the game due to the table as I have never beaten Robin but it was sure a factor I did not need in that match up. I had real trouble deploying anything bigger than S2 and there was only 2 routes for a 55mm base out of the DZ and across the halfway line. Robin basically moved a load of Infiltrating shotguns into good range and wreaked havoc. Things to take away from this game – I was probably a bit stubborn in my list selection as although Bravo Team was not the optimal list for this mission it could have completed it and would probably have faired better against Robins list, which I wouldn’t have know at the time but it would have had a better time on the cramped table. Getting no points after such a good start was a bit of a downer.

Game 3 Annihilation/ Ariadna/ Claire/ Lost Initiative took first 6-6

At this point I felt the day was done with zero from game two so was only in it for the funs. I was against a newer player and as I was out of the running didn’t feel like going full throttle. Which actually in hindsight as there was about 5 players tied in OPs in 4th, which I’m pretty confident I could have jumped. As it stood I just advised a things few things she missed and such. Things to take away from this game – Discover, I failed a butt load of discovers against the Antipodes. There’s no insight there other than dice will hate you sometimes. Also weight of fire is not always a protector. The Hac Tao went down to a missile launcher when in active and odds in my favour, not to a Crit either.


There games were a bit skewed to really dwell on too much. Game 2 had issues and game 3 was more like a club game than a tournie game. I was an enjoyable day non the less. Unfortunately the only big thing that came from the day was another discussion on terrain which took place afterwards. I’m honestly getting tired of it as whenever I say a table is too dense everyone assumes you want to play on a flat table in an HMG fest, which is not the case. Tables should be balanced where all weapons are usable and while that does mean Chain Rifles I think the change to Sniper and HMG range bands really shows those long fire lanes should be present on the table somewhere. But I digress and have plans for a dedicated post on the subject. But I’ll leave it on a positive note. Even though I only finished low end mid table I did enjoy the day as usual as a day of Infinity is always a winner. Plus I’m down to head back in October.


Another note on the day would be ref Baconland. I didn’t have a problem with the mission and it was fun to play. The non opposed scoring does create weird scenarios like dropping a beacon in your DZ almost to spite your opponent, something I had not anticipated. Also although I doubt it would happen the possibility for high score draw, collusion or not, isn’t something that feels natural. I do like the emphasis on scoring yourself in ITS but being able to both score with little interaction is weird. So while I like the mission I would not want to see it as a regular.