It’s Been a While

Well, since I’ve done anything on here. I’ve had a busy time including moving house and while I did post a few items some months back I was struggling with what I was getting out of the hobby in all aspects. Some of which was down to time. It was getting stressful trying to get all the things I wanted done and so I lost a bit of enjoyment from it. Also what it was giving me. Gaming is obvious. The game itself is enjoyable and the social be rewarding. But things like this blog are a bit alien in nature to me as they can be a bit self absorbed sometimes. I’ve tried to make some posts giving food for thought or tactical advice but then I’m also the sort of person that struggles with self belief, so the thought I have any knowledge worth impacting is also quite alien.

Anywho. In recent times I’ve found a new lease of hobby life. Not only am I enjoying gaming again but I have gotten back on the hobby horse as well and put paint to mini. In the last couple of months I’ve finished some outstanding minis and got praise from a well established quality painter for them. Gaming wise I managed a first and third at my latest Infinity tournaments and even dangered the cut at my last X-Wing outing, along with third in the local escalation league. Along the way I’ve also tried to get involved with Totally Crit podcast again although at time of writing things are conspiring against me here.


Organising is the only area where I’m not returning to former glories so to speak and I’m ok with that. Sort of. While it’s never nice to see people doing things better than you it’s great to have started such a vibrant scene locally. Plus I’ve never really been a leader, it’s just that gaming is the only thing I’ve really loved, other than my family, and I like to see things get done. On the Infinity side the TC guys have really taken to the tournament scene and another club member took on the X-Wing league, which went well. So I’m happy to let those guys run with it rather than rock the boat. Plus who know how much time I will get next year for events.


That does mean I’ve turned my attention elsewhere. Forever contemplating the next hobby adventure I am. So here I am again, on this blog. I’ve also got an eye for a video bat rep and maybe that Infinity table article. So keep an eye out. From here on I’ll be asking for comments and feedback. That way I know someone is reading at least and maybe finding something useful. So if any of this has sparked any thoughts feel free to get in touch.