I’m back blogging but I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. My final tournament of the season and ‘D-Day’ was SCTS IV. Mission were Firefight, Rescue and Frontline with a huge 16 XP Spec Op.


I’m not going to give you a full break down on lists, more a overview.

Alpha team was a variation of the Wu Ming list from a previous post geared for Firefight where I stripped down all the Specialists and used the Spec Op to cover all bases for Classifieds. I also squeezed in a Garuda with Boarding Shotgun to take advantage of the mission special rules.

Charlie team was a new list made after finding out the hefty Low Vis house rules using the same core of the Su Jian list but with a major rework to use a Hsien Haris. Spec Op here was a Spitfire toting AD troop.


Game 1 was Firefight vs a top local player and JSA as the TO matched us up first round. He wasn’t familiar with the mission and was surprised after I had first turn an dropped th Garuda behind him. He also went against the Wu Ming from an exposed position with his Haramaki and got vapourised which along with some bad dice put him on the back foot early he nearly pulled it back with a devastating run against the Wu Ming with some Karakuri but my multi role Spec Op pulled them back up. Final move was him attaching the Garuda with his LT and going down to give me big win.

10-0 Win 3 TP

Game 2 was Rescue vs John who I travelled down with and his Tohaa so I knew it was going to be tough. My plan played out as we traded blows and I grabbed one Civvie last turn and set up defensive positions. He had the orders though so I came down to him passing the role to sync while stunned and surviving the hail of fire from a Hsien and Zhanjing, which he did neither.

3-0 Win 2 TP

Game 3 was Frontline vs Ariadna playing for the win I was in second spot. Unfortunately I was too timid moving up with my HI as he had many Camo markers in the midfield. I should have left the Kuang Shi out of the Fireteam to deal with them so that was a learning experience. Eventually I didn’t have enough in the mid zone and he could just move in without engaging to win the match.

2-4 Loss 0 TP

Final position 2nd


Happy with the day overall. Goal was to not make stupid mistakes and not get time ganked, which I both achieved. I definitely played the last game wrong but that was more down to new roles for the Kuang Shi and not much experience vs Ariadna so I count that as a learning experience. Two things I take away though overhearing talk after game two I’m not sure the tournament winner played it right, backed up, by the same issue in John’s last game (both local players). Also I didn’t win the Initative roll all day. I think I’m going to continue to develop the Hsien list in my quest to gain a high position this ITS season.