Briefing: UKGE


The Event
I’m off to the Games Expo for the second year running to take part in the Infinity tournament. It’s run by a different fella this year but I imagine it will be pretty similar to last year, apart from N3 of course. It’s a standard affair with 3 rounds 300 points and the missions are Quad, Trans Mat and Antennae Field. The kast one was changed from Baconland which I think was after a few people roused concerns with that particular mission. I haven’t played it myself but it does look a more complicated one and is on the cards for SCTS the following week. I’ve played Trans Mat a couple of times and the other two are older missions so while not fresh in the mind they are well used so to speak.

List Building

After the TC2.0 and talking to the guys I think I’m going to go back to older faction style as while I like JSA I just don’t think it fits my play style. I’m in a good position as well as it looks like I will have played both lists before the event and more than once to boot. This will probably be the first time ever this has happened. Obviously I wont give the lists here but even though I’ve had mixed results so far I quite like how the lists play and may play them with nothing more than minor tweaks for the following two events.


With the mixed results and my back to basics mind set to gaming recently the main goals are going to be a positive win ratio and have some fun with lists using models I haven’t used in a long while.


Construction: Infinity table


As with most Infinity players I have been amassing terrain as I go on. I find terrain is almost as fluid as the armies in Infinity as each time I play I think of some way to change the table. I think a lot of this comes from the fact that terrain can have such a big impact of the game itself.

This is the current ideal set up I am working towards and while I have plenty enough to mix things up this is my theme. Based around the train cutting the table with freight on one side and admin offices on the other. My technical idea is using the asymmetrical set up but extending it into two ‘L’ shapes going up each side of the table. This bends a bit in the face of aesthetics to make the table look good but I really like how its coming together.


The offices side give some good fire points as and making sure there are ladders and such should not be such a trap for any troopers taking advantage. The fire lanes are restricted by high stacked crates and signage so as not to be board dominating.

I’m waiting for some more terrain to arrive in the form of CNC Workshop buildings to give some elevated areas that are easily accessible and bring the table to life giving it a nice feel with industrial vehicles and buggies.

Brief AAR:TC2.0



I let the blog slip around the TCO so I’m going to do a rather short blog post regarding it. I was hoping to do a decent post as my first game was a challenge against fellow blogger 2screens, I recommend checking it out for a proper report of our game as in a schoolboy error I forgot my notebook. As such it will be brief on all accounts today.

The Lists

I took JSA. Mainly influenced by Biotechvore and the two approaches I had in mind which involved either running high BTS heavy units or many orders and link teams. Obviously with JSA it was the second option. Keeping it brief I wont go into the lists in detail but they both revolved around a defensive Keisotsu link with one list utilizing Aragoto and REMs for speed and the other camo Infiltrators.

The Games

Game 1 was against the aforementioned 2screens and Highly Classified and was very difficult as with good placement of his HVT and some bad dice taking out my long ranged fire power the options were not favourable. This ended 2-10 as I managed to achieve some objectives but with my unit decimated the way was clear for Lee to return the favour in the last turn.

Game 2 was Supremacy and against ISS again my long range going down in the first orders to sky’d rolls. This time I had my Infiltrators to get my back in the fight and a close mid game slog ended 10-0 as I had a lot of specialists to contest the consoles.

Last game and the dreaded Biotechvore and some PanO HI gave me some real problems and more dice conspired against me as even though I flanked them some bossed ARM rolls meant at the end of the game he still had some hefty points on the table ending a 5-5 draw.


The results gave me a mid table finish which I am pretty happy with as I’m not the force I once was. All the games were good even though I had some horrible dice on the day. Talking to the guys after I think I’m going to switch factions again as while I really like the Aragoto models and Ninja troops it just doesn’t seem to fit my playstyle, so something different is on the cards for the Expo.

Networking: Infinity Demos


The Scene

The other weekend I got out to another local club to do some Infinity demos. I had originally checked out the club, Mid Sussex Wargamers, because I was moving to the area. Unfortunately the house fell through but as there was interest in Infinity I thought I’d head over and run a demo anyway.

The day

There was unconfirmed numbers arranging on facebook but it’s not a big club with huge numbers so I wasn’t expecting many. In the end two guys turned up which was fine as I played them against each other running through the rules. One of the guys had some experience of N2 but was very green. He had some models but not a good selection so was using some TO troops, something I highly recommend not doing in learning games. But he wanted to use his stuff so I let it go.
I got them playing a Deathmatch with the basics and a few of the more funky bits and just let them go at each other. They seemed to enjoy the game and one of them was quite interested in the Escalation League that I’m setting up at my club. So who knows, we may have another convert. Either way I can see myself popping back every now and again as it is not far away and growing another scene is never a bad thing.

Never Ending

Always on the look out for place to spread the word, even if it is only to a few at a time. I’ve run a fair number of demos now and most seemed to enjoy it. Although its not the sort of thing you slate at the time is it? But growing the Infinity community is always fun.

Games and Theory: Conquest


Something New
I bought into Conquest recently. I said that two systems (in my case Infinity and X-Wing) were enough but I think after coming to terms with the loss of 40K I was left with a hole I needed to fill and upon checking out Conquest decided to make it my next project and introduce it to the local community.

After buying in a looking for games I quickly found Octgn which is where my games so far have taken place and initial games were hard going. The online aspect invites more noob stomping as you are not face to face with your opponent and I found Conquest to have a steep learning curve taking some time to win my first game. To be fair the guys I have played have been good with helping out with rules and my only real quarry is with a tournament I entered but that is another story.

Traxis Sector
As for the game itself I really quite like it. Obviously it has the 40K connection which is good but the mechanics support themselves as well. The only modern card game I have experience with is a bit of MTG and that really didn’t float my boat, more due to the fact it felt very pay to win rather than the mechanics but hey ho. Conquest I found very different as it has an added phase in the Command Struggle and the extra management of resources. I guess the resource is not an extra element as opposed to a different way to manage the cost of units and abilities. Something that becomes quickly apparent as although you may not be able to win a game in the Command Phase you can sure lose it.

Speaking of winning Conquest also has multiple win conditions in the fact you can win by both claiming planets with the same icon or killing the opposing Warlord. This again is something I really like as it gives an added layer to the game with you have to be aware of. Even in the Planet win condition there are multiple strategies that can bring you victory. All in all I find Conquest very complex for a card game, at least what I expect from a card game. it certainly had more than the usual attack mechanic which of course is still present and another aspect to master.

My Kingdom for a Game
So even though I have only won one game so far I am really looking forward to convincing some locals to try it out and hopefully getting to some tournaments later in the year.

Construction: Infinity


I’ve been a bit light on the hobby front after selling my house and having to move in with my parents. As such space and time are at a premium unfortunately. But I bit the bullet recently and got a bit of hobby time in.

I used the time to build Saito Togan as I had been looking into JSA lists and he is one of the few, or maybe only, units to keep an Explosive CCW and with MA4 and smoke grenades I waned to try him out as I have been having lots of fun if only marginal success with Ninjas and especially and Oniwaban.

I also managed to start building the Spartan Scenic doors that were purchased from the proceeds of first Infinity tournament I ran. Shamefully that was a full six months ago and they really should be completed before the next TCO. I had lined them up to build before the first TCO but our house completed just before which meant that was not the only tournament prep that fell by the wayside.

AAR: Crit Crew ITS One Shot Pt2



The second part in out little competition and I faced off against the man to beat at the moment Chris. Although we did find out after that John and Chris had not entered a code for their game last week as they had a rather blank look on their faces when the subject came up, which was weird as we had talked about right before the game. As in right before deployment of the game.


Again I wont go into details but the list revolved around Tomcats to spring onto the objective zones and a Vertigo to clear of enemy troops.

Game on

The mission: Transmission Matrix. This turned into another drubbing as a turn one rambo left me more than a few orders down and in LoL. I’ll be the first to admit I am a glass half empty kind of guy and I thought about calling it there as it looked pretty hopeless. Chris sat on 3 score zones to my two. But I considered the difference between a good player and a great one can be how they get themselves out of hole. So while Chris was gracious enough to give me some space and go to the bar, clearly he could see the dark clouds above me, I set about formulating a plan. The plan however did not pan out as a spate of crits, just what you need when you’re down, put paid to any hope I had. A popped a Spektr to hack the Daofei who got crit Brainblasted after I rolled higher than his target value along with a Flashpulse crit to an Intruder who was attempting to clear off objectives. This is where I called it as now I had no way to claim anything and Chris still sat on 3 zones on top of his two Classifieds he achieved in turn 2.


Deployment again. I thought my Lt deployment was ok as he was covered by a Tyskalon and in a building guarded by a Morlock. But I hadn’t expected such a hard rambo rush as I rarely see that tactic used. But after the game it was apparent is was a tactic in the list Chris had built. More of a problem was getting my head around the mission where all the objectives were friendly repeaters to both sides, which got my Hacker in trouble and also differentiating the score zone and the repeater radius, which I didn’t do all game. This had meant the Daofei that caused me so much grief would have sustained multiple Hack AROs before being able to do the significant portion of his damage. This leads me to demand a rematch. Which unfortunately wont have any ITS points attached. Or will it?

AAR: Crit Crew ITS One Shot Pt1



As we all got ‘one shot’ codes for the new ITS season we decided to have a little competition to use them between the guys on Totally Crit. It wasn’t anything organised as we decide to use the codes for our games at club night and then have the winners and losers play to use the other codes. I faced off against ‘the man’ himself James and his Qapu.


I wont go into the whole list as it’s a list I’m testing for an event and I don’t really want to ramble on too much. Suffice to say I was using JSA with a defensive link of Keisotsu and then Aragotos and REMs in another combat group.

Game On

We were playing Biotechvore as again it is in an upcoming tournament and I wanted to try it out as it is an unusual mission where I think you need to have a specific plan for you list. The plan was hope to get Initiative and take second turn, which turned out to be a bonus as James took first giving me Deployment. So I set up to counter his deployment with my link team and then move the fast units in to finish off and stay alive out of the kill zone. This worked a bit too well and there was little left after the end of my first turn and we called it there.

Not much really. The list worked well this time but I feel that it will struggle against smoke and such, but then JSA don’t really have much in the way of subtle counters for smoke and camo. But it was good to get back into the swing of things and nice to get some points on the board.


New blog from and old player.

Exiled from Albion

Inspired by the many fine blogs that I have drawn hobby inspiration from over the years, I feel like I ought to contribute my own noise and imagery to the internet. I hope to somewhat regularly update those who care on what I’m playing, what is on the painting table and what I’ve got lurking in the dreaded backlog.

A little background on me, for those I just met, or those that don’t know me that well.

I was born in SE England, and have lived there for nearly all of my life. I was a very active participant in the UK tournament warhammer scene for 3/4 years until marriage and fatherhood made that somewhat unaffordable financially and personally, but maintained those great friendships that I picked up doing that. Parallel to that I helped start a local gaming club in my home town with a bunch of the other…

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Psi Division: Online


This is my new hobby thoughts tag, something to differentiate from games and theory where I talk about more practical gaming aspects. Although Batreps and such are a big part of my blog I have thrown in a few posts which I hope have given some food for thought. This segment is more about my own state of mind. Another attempt to ‘improve’ my blog.

This time I’m going to talk about Blood Bowl. I feel that I am coming to the end of my Blood Bowl career. I’ve played in online leagues and TT tournies a plenty. over the last few years but I just don’t have much love for the game any more. This is a bit of a shame as it was one of my most beloved games for some years, second only to Necromunda. I don’t do too bad so it’s not just sour grapes. I’ve sustained multiple seasons in the Premier league in UKBBL and won my Division in OCC last season, not for the first time. I don’t want to get into the age old argument of power in BB but I certainly feel that it does not reward ball play enough and games are won far too often due to casualty rates. This is something that has grated before but now I just can’t ignore.

I feel that some of that has to do with the fact that I have moved on from GW systems and have seen what is really possible with gaming these days. The D6 is just too limiting. It shows as BB is an old game and suffers for it. Another example is Necromunda, a game that I believe would look more like Infinity if it was developed today. These factors bring me to the conclusion that I just cannot forgive poor game systems just because they have awesome background, something that has always been one of the most important factors in gaming for me. On e reason why I have turned to Conquest to get my 40K fix (and hope to find local players).

The final part is time. I just don’t have the time any more to spread around and while I may have continued in the past I find that I would rather spend what little game time I have on systems that are more to my taste. After all, I can get a dose of background via novels if needed.

Either way I thought this worthy of a post I can foresee my last BB game in the near future after more than 2 decades of play.