So then, I thought I had better finish this two parter before the new year. Something that has been on my mind a lot recently is what I’m getting out of the hobby, as I went into earlier, and what your club can do for you. Or maybe what you can do for your club. I know there will be a lot of different opinions on this but I’ll just keep it to my views.

First up the ‘bricks and mortar’ I like a gaming area from my club. Having it somewhere that serves beer is always nice, but not essential. This is probably obvious but having that area allows for gamers to get together a game. Speaking of which we need something to game over. Now this may not be so obvious. I want from a club tables and varied scenery of reasonable quality to game over. As a club Chairman this has been a topic of discussion a fair bit round my way. Personally scenery of a varied quantity and a decent quality is a top priority and something I feel a club should provide. If it’s a large club with good revenue then rule books, supplements and even loan armies are not out of the question. But all that after the things that gamers need after they have spent all their money and time on their beloved army.

Now I like tournaments and events, a great excuse to get together and play a few games over a weekend against fresh opponents. But since the hobby has taken off and gaming has moved from the front room to the function room hobby clubs are the mainstay of weekly gaming. Which is great. You get a kind of mini event each week, gaming with people you may not know well enough to invite round to meet the missus but enough to have a beer over toy soldiers.

Now this brings up other factors to weekly gaming. You’ve got a group of buddies and now doubt it has a core of regular attendees. It’s also a deep enough player pool that you may not need to play same guy every other week. But unless you live in a big city I bet that player pool isn’t exhaustive. So now we come to it. If your group are avid tournament goers then you may want to spend your time trying out your latest killer list, which is great. I’ve been known to test out a few lists pre event myself. But for me variety is the spice of life. So I like to see campaigns, scenarios and out of the box games at clubs. You see the same bunch of guys and while you could round robin each other without things getting stale why play pick up games each week. As you see each other each week you have the time to plan out story games or league matches, all adding to the hobby.

So there you go. Planted a thought I hope. What do you want from your club?