After attending the Spring Challenge hosted by the Wargaming Trader last weekend I thought I’d write a post about my escapades. This was originally going to be a blow by blow account of the weekend but as I’m more about the feel of things rather than the details I thought I’d take a different tact and leave that to those more capable. If you’d like a battle review I’d recommend check out 2screens for a great one involving Aleph.

I’ll give you a little bit on my gaming weekend anyway. It was a two day event for Infinity:the game the first day being Joint Ops with random pairings and the second day Single player games. I’m not sure how much I liked the random parings for the first day as it was aimed at paring an experienced player with one less so and that didn’t work out the same for every one. I certainly felt my paring was one with two less experienced players as while I believe I have a reasonable handle on the game for someone with my game time that game time is still relatively small. The day did work out better than I felt though as although we got trounced in the first game (by the eventual winners!) we won our second two games to come fourth one point off third. Some very good tactics here playing the mission well in the process of hammering us.


Joining the gamers on Saturday night for a meal the two people I had travelled down with retired to our hotel only to stay up the small hours drinking. In retrospect this probably was not a good idea as I definitely feel like it hampered my performance on the second day.


No amount of hangover is to blame for my first failure though as I immediately got a Speculo Killer to the face. The second time this has happened and I’m still not sure how I will defend against it in future. This plus Loss of Lieutenant on the first turn was game over. The second game I faced off against a Cutter for the first time and he managed to rampage on the last turn to win the game. My last was against someone I had spoken to on twitter a few times and was a great game and while I thought I played well for the most part a couple of mistakes meant it was his for the taking and with a little luck he took it!

That’s my progress on the weekend and for this blog right now. To save a huge read I’ll save my thoughts on tournaments for part two.