I have started X-wing over the last couple of weeks. Had the starter for a while but had not done anything with it until I played a couple of games recently. I quite like it and as I was in need of a second system to keep things fresh, I think it’s good to have a change sometimes, so I thought I would give it a go. Selling of my now unused Guard and Xbox gave me the funds to buy a fair few ships and I’ve got yet more going to Wartrader so can see myself expanding again, maybe a huge ship.

Anyway, I always seem to want to play systems that are unpopular at my local club. First it was 40K when it was a WFB tourney practice group and now it’s Infinity and X-Wing. The club has evolved somewhat it that time so now there are campaigns and not just practice/pick up games going on but it still remains GW centric. This means I am resorting to looking further afield for my gaming fix.

I like to jump into events anyway as I see them as an excuse for a bunch of games rather than a win ratio, although I do like to win some too! Infinity events have really sparked my love of tournaments and seeing that X-Wing events are cheap and one day as well I couldn’t resist. Only trouble is having played exactly zero ‘proper’ X-Wing games then it really is going to be a trial by fire.

Before that I have an Infinity tournament at the Games Expo in Birmingham. I’ve got a reasonable handle on the game so far and now I think I’m ready to develop my tactics and knowledge rather then just cruise through the games. Not that means I turn into a WAACer as that’s would suck the fun out of what is a hobby and thus should not be stressful. But I can’t say I’m not hoping to take back my mantle of top Hydra. Having some fellow tourney goers does make for good banter!

As I have this tournament I should get a post up of the minis I have got done for it and I’ll post again with a post tournament review, but for now thanks for reading.