MD7 Gieger and Khorne 2-1

Apologies but this one is coming in a bit late, which means most of the details are a but fussy now. This is mainly because I’m having such a great time with tabletop gaming (here is where I thank Mrs Man for allowing all the time away) that the online stuff is taking a back seat.

This MD saw another rematch and if memory serves I came out on top last time around. Khorne can be a bit tricky with all the frenzy and he also had a heavily developed Bloodthirster, so I was a bit tentative. From what I recall things went along as standard with him receiving the first drive and having to score quickly. I managed to get the upper hand in the injury department so looked good for the return drive. I managed to kill his Bloodthirster whom he apothed to MNG, something I believe also happened last match. With this I managed to even the score in the first.

Second half and I was receiving first and again as usual my offence let me down as he managed to get to the ball carrier, but again my opponent could not capitalise. I had made several injuries on key players by this point but I still had to score earlier than I would like. This only left him a couple of turns to even things out but with no rerolls and a depleted team it was a tall ask and I held out for the win.