MD9 Young Nathan and Lizards 1-2

This match was more sensible for want of a better word. He received first and went in to score early. I was shut down in the return before half time. Second half came out fighting and again my offense was a bit shakey meaning I had to score leaving a couple of turns remaining, more than enough for lizards. I defended well but didn’t heed the clock and set up a striking defence for the begining of the half, only there was two turns left.  He was on one side and wary of their speed set up block defense across the whole pitch when I should have covered the side he was on more. With this mistake he made all his dodge rolls and I failed mine for the blitz and it was over.

Still unenamoured with BB right now but I’m sticking with the team for at least one more season and it looks like relegation at the end of this one.