I’ve been playing Infinity for nearly a year now so I think I’ve managed to move on from the beginner level bringing forth some tactical thinking. With the basics of the game in hand any player starts to move on to the more subtle aspects of the game and if your gaming group is on the same level this usually leads to different tactics to achieve the W.

I’ve managed to get to a few tournaments and this extends your tactical knowledge, either by coming up against new armies or units or having a new tactic used against you. The next event for me is the SCTS beginner event and as the event has been billed as a beginner event I wanted to use is it as an opportunity to take something I don’t normally use. With this comes new tactical challenges as I’m not only using some new units but fire teams and impetuous, with both bring new aspects to the game. I had steered away from impetuous as it can be a double edged sword and quite frankly I was no good with those units. Unfortunately with very little practice I am still very green with these elements, but that will be covered in SCTS: briefing.

During the couple of games I have managed to get I’ve come to thinking about some less specific Infinity tactics such as things like when to ARO. The first big one is when to set up for ARO and when to keep your heads down. The choices to me are a little swayed by the seeming devastation I receive in ARO as opposed to my relative ineffectual AROs. It is a difficult choice in how defensively to play. Sometimes AROs are necessary such as last turn objective covering but earlier in the game the choice is less obvious as units are much less effective in ARO and as such can be overwhelmed. The problem is when I deploy or take an active turn I find it hard to leave no ARO lanes for the next turn as that give full board control to the enemy. Perhaps more analysis of the enemy may prove beneficial as after assessing how far they can extend will give better choices for ARO lanes. But the order system in Infinity can make this difficult at times.

The next big choice goes hand in hand with the previous one. Here I’ve been thinking of what to do when your opponent sets up in a defensive manner. How many orders is it worth spending to take out that big unit? Here there is always a danger of overextending yourself and you should always keep in mind the previous point, can you get back to defensive positions yourself? There is a decision to be made as to whether it is better to move in to better positions and hold fire on the attack. Again here I struggle as I feel with a short number of turns if I don’t do something towards to mission or hinder my opponent then it as not been a successful turn.
So some food for thought for me on some basic tactics on the game. We will see how well I implement these ideas as I think the next time I play Infinity will be tournament time.