This week sees another road trip for the Hydra boys and the second SCTS. Last time out we put in a god showing taking the top three spots. I myself topping the bill in first. This was a surprise to me to be honest as while I consider myself a reasonable player I wouldn’t have pegged myself as top tier. But it was good seeing our group do well.

Now here I usually set a goal for the event. There usually more conservative, or realistic as I see it, but having now won an event it wasn’t that simple. I think some of this comes from a 40K hangover where I considered myself an above average player. I knew the rules well and was pretty decent with the armies I used but never consistently place well, 5th being my best effort. A lot of which I attribute to 40K pay to win structure, a big reason for my migration to Infinity. Back to the matter in hand. While I have always maintained winning is not the be all and end all for me I still want to win. But I think being known as a good player as opposed to a high rank would be good enough for me. I know there is a correlation between the two but a good player doesn’t always place well. I think the pressure to repeat the performance was piling on as I tried to write a list that would be all conquering, another topic entirely when associated with Infinity, so it was actually a relief when my laptop had a meltdown losing all my draft lists. This meant I took a step back for a minute and realised I was trying too hard. I went back to my usual method of list writing, which still meant hours lost perusing list combinations but that is what I’m like. Two drafts later and I was back to my usual stance. Think of a list, come up with a couple of improvements, go back to as much of the original as I can remember, realise I’m going in circles and submit whatever I had at the time. Got the stuff I need? Check. Got the stuff I want? Sorta check cause I can’t fit everything I want in any list. Done.

I think the objective is actually going to go back to my standard. Have fun, win more games than I lose. Don’t do something monumentally stupid. Yes, it happens. Either way another road trip in on and it should be a good day, it’s definitely a good time for gaming with the added bonus of a group with banter.