New blog from and old player.

Exiled from Albion

Inspired by the many fine blogs that I have drawn hobby inspiration from over the years, I feel like I ought to contribute my own noise and imagery to the internet. I hope to somewhat regularly update those who care on what I’m playing, what is on the painting table and what I’ve got lurking in the dreaded backlog.

A little background on me, for those I just met, or those that don’t know me that well.

I was born in SE England, and have lived there for nearly all of my life. I was a very active participant in the UK tournament warhammer scene for 3/4 years until marriage and fatherhood made that somewhat unaffordable financially and personally, but maintained those great friendships that I picked up doing that. Parallel to that I helped start a local gaming club in my home town with a bunch of the other…

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