As we all got ‘one shot’ codes for the new ITS season we decided to have a little competition to use them between the guys on Totally Crit. It wasn’t anything organised as we decide to use the codes for our games at club night and then have the winners and losers play to use the other codes. I faced off against ‘the man’ himself James and his Qapu.


I wont go into the whole list as it’s a list I’m testing for an event and I don’t really want to ramble on too much. Suffice to say I was using JSA with a defensive link of Keisotsu and then Aragotos and REMs in another combat group.

Game On

We were playing Biotechvore as again it is in an upcoming tournament and I wanted to try it out as it is an unusual mission where I think you need to have a specific plan for you list. The plan was hope to get Initiative and take second turn, which turned out to be a bonus as James took first giving me Deployment. So I set up to counter his deployment with my link team and then move the fast units in to finish off and stay alive out of the kill zone. This worked a bit too well and there was little left after the end of my first turn and we called it there.

Not much really. The list worked well this time but I feel that it will struggle against smoke and such, but then JSA don’t really have much in the way of subtle counters for smoke and camo. But it was good to get back into the swing of things and nice to get some points on the board.